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Zen balms are classified in a group known as analgesics. Analgesics suppress pain by blocking enzymes, which signal inflammation, and in turn, cause pain.

The direct application of topical analgesics, such as ZEN, to the source of pain is highly beneficial. This action allows them to work faster than any oral form.

Price: $12.99 (20gr tube)



Relief of common aches and pains associated with ailments such as arthritis, backaches, strains, sprains, bruises, menstrual cramps, and much more.

Products for pain and Stress relief 

The best upper body herbal pack from Nature creation- $38
Spine pack for an ultimate relief. Use along the spine or around the hips. Holds by 2 velcro. $42
Lavender eye packs from Nature creation-$14.99
Theracane for Trigger points for pain relief-$39.99
Thai balm-$12
The many benefits of using the compresses include: the relief of pain and inflammation; alleviation of muscle stiffness; promotion of intense relaxation; increase of energy; soothing of migraine pain; improvement of blood and lymph circulation; arthritis relief and the healing of certain skin conditions- Box qty 2 compress-$25
a lovely set of 16 aromatherapy oils.-$39.99
Enjoy the wonderful aromas while light color changes- $39.99